Classic Facial

A great facial for beginners includes cleansers, toners, masques, and massage, all with exclusive Aveda products.

Classic Facial -$65


Green Science Skin Renewing Facial

This skin-renewing facial combines high-tech plant technology with a high-touch service. The treatment is customized to target areas prone to showing premature signs of aging, such as lip, hands, neck and décolleté and eye area. For best results, we recommend a weekly series of four treatments, followed by monthly maintenance facials.

Green Science Skin Renewing Facial - $100

Add a Perfecting plant peel - $25


Enbrightenment Facial

Designed to minimize pigmentation and increase circulation to support healthy skin function achieving an evening of skin tone and overall luminosity.

Enbrightenment Facial - $85


Anti-Aging Facial

This European facial is an alternative to BOTOX. Designed to plump out fine lines and make skin firmer and more elastic, increases skin firmness and elasticity. It’s immediate results create a more youthful look. Great for a tighter neck and décolleté area.

Anti-Aging Facial - $100


Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Skin Treatment

This AVEDA SIGNATURE treatment is all about tourmaline - an energizing mineral that moisturizes and smoothes your skin. Tourmaline is packed with the hydration needed to fight against the ravages of the environment, refining fine lines and pores.

Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Skin Treatment - $75


Outer Peace Deep Cleaning Treatment

A total solution personalized for your skin that treats not only acne symptoms, but its causes. Includes consultation; professional exfoliation, pore extractions and redness reduction; stress-relief techniques; and diet and other individualized tips for an acne-conscious lifestyle. A 3-week series is recommended.

Outer Peace Deep Cleaning Treatment - $80


Visual Changes Glycolic Peel Facial

(For normal to oily and hyperpigmented skin)

 This treatment reduces oil, shinny skin and smooths rough skin.  Resulting in a more even skin tone and healthier looking complextion. Must be off any active ingredients : Retin A or Retinol for 72 hr

Monthly treatments recommended.

Glycolic Peel Facial - $75

Series of 6 - $375


Lactic Peel Facial

(For dry and sensitive skin types)

This treatment exfoliates and helps smooth and the skin resulting in a more youthful texture and radiant glow.

Lactic Peel Facial - $75

Series of 6 $375

Lunchtime peel (glycolic or latic) - $45


Add the following to any facial for $25

Vitamin C booster

Advanced Hydrating Booster

Eye Contour Treatment

Advanced Calming Treatment

Advanced Anti-Aging Booster


Men’s Classic Hot Shave

A relaxing treatment  designed to soften hair shaft and follicle resulting in the closest of shaves. Steam and hot oils and a little facial massage will relax the senses .

Men’s Classic Hot Shave - $40

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