Massage is no longer an indulgence but part of an overall plan for holistic wellness.

Swedish Massage

A soothing massage primarily for stress management, health maintenance, and relaxation.

Half Hour  $50           One Hour  $78

            One and One-Half Hour  $108


Stress-Fix Massage

A Fox Signature Service. A One and a Half Hour Massage that incorporates Swedish and Deep Tissue massage,  Foot Reflexology, and Aromatherapy, all designed and clinically-proven to reduce feelings of stress.

One and One-Half Hour  $140


Therapeutic Massage  

A variety of techniques that may include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and stretching  for many acute and chronic conditions.

Half Hour $ 57  One Hour  $90

One and One-Half Hour  $150


Hot Stone Massage

  Heated basalt stones are used bringing about the ultimate in relaxation.

One and One-Half Hours  $138

Add a hot stone to any one hour massage $15


 Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a time of major structural, physiological, psychological, spiritual, and social changes. Some of these changes produce discomforts and concerns which can be addressed with appropriate massage therapy and exercise.

One Hour $84

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